BLANK FIGHT, THE: House Band Feud: LP

Blank Fight was a band that featured Aaron Cometbus and Rymodee (from TBIAPB fame). The only thing I had heard of this band was “This Bike + This Guitar” because of the CD version of the Down in Front comp. That number was a Cometbus-styled scrappy pop punk bit with something of proto-folk punk coloring it in. I recalled liking the song and wishing that I hadn’t missed out on this album when it was on CD at the time, but it has been a few years since I had heard it. I was expecting not to give two shits about it and want to take it off half way through the first side. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the hell out of this. The whole LP strayed not far (if at all) from the sound of the song on the DiF comp but never got tiring. A definite surprise and another nice reissue from Silver Sprocket.

 –Vincent (Silver Sprocket)