BLANK DOGS: Under and Under: 12”

Jul 02, 2009

Blank Dogs is the moniker for a Brooklyn bedroom rocker who, for the last few years, has been compulsively releasing records through a slew of Brooklyn indie labels. Under and Under is Blank Dogs most ambitious effort yet. The CD has fifteen tracks; the double album has twenty and the extra songs are slower and more somber sounding. Both releases feature heavy synth, massive amounts of feedback and distortion, and vocals that come at you as if from a diving bell on the ocean floor. It’s the rudiments of post-punk, Britpop, and new wave fused together by an artist with a keen sense of style. This record doesn’t just flat out rock, at times it’s achingly beautiful. The brains behind Blank Dogs has said he wanted to make music he would have liked when he was fifteen. That’s the age when your heart gets ripped out on the regular. If you’re not careful, Under and Under will do the same.

 –Jim Ruland (In The Red )