BLACKPOOL ROX II #10: £2, 8½” x 11”, glossy, 15 pgs.

Feb 01, 2016

A thoughtfully curated selection of articles, essays, and interviews that document the thriving scene in and around Blackpool. The main topics are the contributors’ primary loves: punk and football (the U.K. kind, of course). Featured bands include Epic Problem and Stay Clean Jolene, and there’s also a lot of discussion of Rebellion Festival, the huge fest that takes place in Blackpool every year. I may not be particularly interested in most of the bands that play Rebellion, but it’s always interesting to get some insight into the kinds of people who organize events like that. This zine is certainly in touch with the roots of the scene, with contributions from as many older punk stalwarts as young upstarts. And everyone seems to have a say on the matter of the Blackpool Football Club. That’s a culture whose complexities I can’t even pretend to be able to grasp, but it’s fascinating to read about the intersection between the sport and DIY punk culture, the ways politics and business and violent macho losers constantly threaten something that should belong to the community. This is a short read, but it’s clean and well-produced, offering a quick look into what seems like a successful and tight-knit scene halfway around the world from me. –Indiana Laub (BlackpoolRoxTowers, 16 Windmill Close, Blackpool, FY3 0EB, United Kingdom)