BLACKLIST: Times Are Changing: CD

Mar 15, 2008

This deserves a sigh as an initial reaction and not in any good way. Trite lyrics about politics. Claims that the band doesn’t want to live in someone else’s time (1977, 1969). The music is so rudimentary that it makes the Ramones sound technically accomplished (and speaking of the Ramones, I’m more interested in the reissues series than I am in this album). To say that there’s nothing here is to assign too much credit to this run-of-the-mill punk rock revival because nothing is the opposite of something – antimatter at least causes a reaction. This falls squarely in the middle of something and nothing in a nether realm where ambivalence and indifference are the order of the day and this doesn’t warrant one more word. 

 –scott (Dead Mic)

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