Jun 23, 2009

Blacklist Brigade play raw, tough punk rock. They sound like they learned the right lessons from Cocksparrer and the Business, but also from OrangeCounty punk rock, from Social Distortion to the US Bombs. If Hostage Records moved to London, their first order of business would be to sign Blacklist Brigade. Luckily, Hostage can stay where it is because the BB boys have started their own internet fanzine ( and their own record label, and they’re doing an awesome job of things on their own. Blacklist Brigade has four new songs on this split, and all of them are great. The Smut Peddlers are also a great band, and I fully endorse them, and, if you haven’t picked up a Smut Peddlers album yet, you should buy Ism today. That said, all four songs on their half of this split are previously released. They’re four great songs, but I have to say that I’m bummed when I play a brand new CD and I already know all the words to half of the songs. Shit, though, I recommend this sucker anyway.

 –sean (No Front Teeth)