Jul 23, 2009

This is put out by No Front Teeth Fanzine out of England. The packaging is an excellent DIY effort – the sleeve is foldout xerox, easy to read, and well laid out. What a great way to get people to hear some choice oi and punk. Blacklist Brigade: although it sounds a little hollow, like it was recorded in an empty boxing ring, the songs are jumpy as fuck and a sound filled with ghosts of greats past. Think of older guys who've got a deep collection, including Stiff Little Fingers, Clash, Pogues dirges, faster Waterboys, and aren't just raping the dead, but pulling life out of bodies that most treat as deceased. Well-written mid-tempo songs, sound quality regardless. Better than recent Rancid or that horrid Transplants thingie, that's for sure. Inverted Nines: It's not lost on me that a fanzine from England is introducing me to damn spanking good band – a la the Bodies, but meaner vocals – that's almost in my back yard. Crunching, Crowd-style guitar buzz, and a couple overlaps in sound with townmates, Smogtown, but not quite as inventive. Not a bad way to be, though. Cool split.

 –todd (No Front Teeth)