BLACKLIST BRIGADE, THE: Brethren of the Coast: CD

Jul 23, 2009

In a way, The Blacklist Brigade are a kick in the ass to anyone who’s trying to declare punk dead. In some ways, this album sounds like three guys who sat around for years listening to Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Vice Squad, the Adicts, the Business, and so on, and, after drinking vats of beer and singing along with their arms around each other, they decided to pick up the cheapest instruments they could find, write songs like the ones they’d been singing along to, and record it on a four-track in a basement. It sounds homemade and they wear their influences on their sleeves, but damn if they don’t sound great doing it. And there’s more to these songs, too. These guys are more than just a throwback. I guarantee that, for every time they played their Menace albums, The Blacklist Brigade sang along with the first US Bombs record, for every time they listened to 999, they probably listened to Oxymoron a dozen times. Hell, for all I know, they’ve been around long enough to inspire bands like Oxymoron and the US Bombs (because, to be honest, I don’t know anything about this band except what I hear coming through my speakers). Anyway, everything about this release, from the photocopied album cover to the lo-fi recording is at once a throwback to better days and a step forward towards better days. It’s fucking awesome.

 –sean (No Front Teeth)

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