Aug 07, 2006

One of my fantasies is that Joe Strummer didn’t really die, he just pulled the ultimate “I don’t want to be famous” trick, took a U-turn, and went back to being in a tiny English garage band. The Blacklist Brigade fulfill that fantasy. ’77-inspired punk rarely sounds this plainly inspired in 2005, but these guys have been turning what is usually a bunt situation into a series of home runs. They’re not afraid to slide around in the mud of a long, piano-damaged ballad then kick the next song like they’re playing soccer with skulls in a graveyard. It’s all perfectly lo-fi, yet clear in message as burning a flag on an embassy’s steps. Since the banner holders of this genre seem to be working on clothing lines and listening to their personal trainers now, here’s your chance to hear a band that’s busy doing some serious reclamation of rebellion.

 –todd (No Front Teeth)

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