BLACKENED: This Means War: CD

Mar 24, 2009

Very metallic hardcore. The riffs are strong and the rhythm section is unbelievable. Chris Beattie and Dave Russo, from Hatebreed, are in this band, as well as Chris Legg from Fastbreak. The music is strong and takes over the room when this is on the stereo. The vocals took me a little getting used to. They work, but are not as heavy as the music. A little high pitched (not much, but a little), but what makes them work is that they’re strained. The way this album starts off, with “Tirade” is great. It’s raging and spastic without losing any of the heaviness. “This Burden off My Back” is the standout track here; really catchy tempo and memorable lyrics.

 –M.Avrg (Think Fast!)