Sep 06, 2008

Blackbirds toss out two originals and a cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” which comes off more ironic than anything else. They fare much better on their own songs—dark and brooding hardcore stuff with some pretty goddamn serious drumming going on throughout. Band sounds like they’d be right at home on a Deathwish sampler, sandwiched between, say, Trap Them and Reign Supreme. Braindead follows up with two songs of their own—the excellent “4th and 26th” that shows they can slow shit down to a crawl and still sound mean as hell; the song’s terrific and closes out with some of that Aussitot Mort/Amanda Woordward-styled octave note shit that just I can’t get enough of. Then there’s “Knives In my Eyes”—a quick straight-up hardcore song that’s over before it wears out its welcome, followed with yet another Iggy cover, this time “Search and Destroy.” Again, it’s decent but doesn’t really add anything new to the song—would’ve preferred if both bands had ditched the Iggy idea and given us another original instead, as they’re both onto something. Complaints aside, some damn fine jabs being thrown.

 –keith (Burn Bridges)