Bands should take more risks. I understand that you’re good at one thing and you’ve spent your entire creative life revolving around this one thing, but human experience isn’t monochromatic. Fact: Pushing outside of your comfort zone makes more engaging art. Black Wine do just that. They bring a lot to the table, and what they bring to this potluck is nourishing. Each member gets behind the microphone, sharing songwriting duties. It’s energizing to hear three voices—each tuneful and distinguished—filtered through three distinct styles. On “No Reason,” Black Wine swirl like Hunchback, then rage like Hüsker Dü on “Magnet Time.” Closing the A Side, a solo Miranda Taylor mellows into a creeping melody on “Familiar,” then they shift up on “Piccoline” into a closing riff that would floor Tenement. Although the cover of The Guess Who’s “No Time” is solid, I just wish those vinyl grooves were saved for another original song. Fact: It’s satisfying to be treated to a potluck where all the guests didn’t opt for casserole and bean dip. Highly recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (Don Giovanni,