BLACK WINE: Summer of Indifference: LP

Sep 16, 2011

Babes In Toyland mixed with Treepeople? Screaming Trees? Seven Year Bitch mixed with Tad? But filtrated, distilled, de-heroine’d, and de-bonered grunge through legit DIY punks? With a hint of the Halo Benders’ precious but earnest light touch? Black Wine holds a definite non-ironic fondness early- to mid-’90s alternative. I enjoy that their prism doesn’t refract grunge’s defiling excesses; it warms up genuinely roisterous, almost-forgotten (to me) bits of music. That said, it is weird getting all these flashbacks—one after another—of bands that I haven’t thought about for years and had to rub my eyes that this wasn’t released on C/Z or K and it wasn’t 1994. And that’s totally not a dig.

 –todd (Don Giovanni,