Jul 02, 2009

Two songs from The Holy Mountain that were recorded in 2007 that eventually found their way onto vinyl two years later. Apparently, these are also their swan songs as they’ve since broken up. As someone who likes Japanese hardcore, I appreciate the Burning Spirits-style guitar noodling on the first song. These aren’t The Holy Mountain’s best songs (the Entrails album is amazing) but they aren’t throwaways either. Black Tusk keep things interesting with more of a metal approach on their side. I detect a hint of Hell Awaits-era Slayer. Kylesa immediately come to mind as a comparison but I don’t want to dismiss Black Tusk as a clone or knock off. They only have one song on here but it was enough to keep me interested in any future releases they might have.

 –Juan Espinosa (No Idea)

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