Jul 13, 2010

The first thing that comes to my attention is how much the singer sounds like Chris D from the Flesh Eaters. Snarled and snotty. Then I’m struck by how good this whole record is. I mean really good. Three blasts of lo-fi hardcore punk. It’s raw, nasty, and nearly annihilated with lyrics that are peculiar and interesting, such as “I’m just a dick in the fucking sand....” in the song “Crossed Out,” or in the song “Unexploded Ordinance,” the vocalist spits this gem forth, “I like to get fucked for insulin...” Wha? I like what I hear and I want to hear more. It’s dark, unhinged, and not playing by the rules. I hear there’s a follow up EP coming out on Cowabunga soon-ish. But for now, get this and soak it in.

 –M.Avrg (Stress Domain, [email protected])