BLACK TOWER: The Secret Tower: LP

Nov 16, 2015

Heavy metal from Ottawa, Canada! Some of the descriptions out there on the interwebs call this black metal/hardcore punk. Both inaccurate. So yeah, their band logo looks pretty black metal and I have a suspicion that at least a couple of the members come from a punk background, though I can’t find any proof. And there is something punk about these songs, but not on the surface; this is unabashed heavy fucking metal, of the 1983 variety. It’s like if you were to listen to the English Dogs’sWhere Legend Began, not knowing that they used to be a punk band. What you hear is completely metal, yet you can feel a punk rock energy. That, combined with the short and concise song structures, should be extremely appealing to you speed metal punx. Anyway, forget all that. This record rules because BlackTower wrote some great songs. Eight killer tunes mixing elements of NWOBHM and thrash, a touch of black metal iciness and grimly fantastical lyrics, all woven together into flowing, shredding street metal with hooks everywhere, in both riff and melody. If you’re reading Razorcake and like metal at all, this is for you.

 –Chad Williams (No Idea,