Sep 23, 2009

Your eyes do not deceive you: this is a split LP—so essentially this album contains an EP’s worth of material from both Black Time and Ty Segall. (I know Tito Larriva of the Plugz used to do releases like this one back in the day on his Fatima label, but I don’t know too many people doing it currently.) Black Time, you kids know these Brits (plus one American on bass)—real lo-fi, like Electric Eels, Crime, and Rocket From The Tombs. Visceral. The treble assault fucks you hard—not Throbbing Gristle hard, but enough to make you think twice about leaving that volume knob above five. Lemmy and the gang are coming hard on this one; some of the slower stuff on Double Negative seems like a distant memory. Subject matter remains the same—like Herbert Marcuse, Caution still can’t deal with Late Capitalism (and while not quite hitting it with the acuteness of Andy Gill), “Contract” seems to capture the same frustrations the Clash had with CBS (“Complete Control”)—the precise moment of cognition when a band realizes it’s nothing but a commodity to a record label. While I wholeheartedly back this EP, I feel some of the more experimental moments on last year’s Double Negative were incredibly promising (“Backwards in Black”); I’m hoping Black Time will follow up on these tracks in the future. But anyway, LONG LIVE BLACK TIME! Ty Segall—I don’t know this kid, but I like what I’m hearing from him (fans of Black Time will be more than happy with his tracks). Lo-fi surf guitar. Solid stuff. (I dig the album cover, too. Black Time’s side has two European kids standing in front of a Bauhaus-inspired building, staring at a duck. Alienating and troubling. The kids seem fine with prefabricated housing, yet perplexed by nature.)

 –ryan (Telephone Explosion,

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