BLACK TIME: Double Negative: CD

Mar 24, 2009

Considering Black Time’s Lemmy Caution never saw Crime in San Francisco or scored a bump of speed for Peter Laughner—the legitimacy of his group’s catalog is something of a mystery.Double Negative—Black Time’s third release—is more musical dissonance, yet a bit more refined. The Monks and Rocket From The Tombs are still there in the music. But there’s more experimentation, like phasers, sirens, and music played backwards (Fucking check “Backwards in Blacks”—really close to the genius of a Metal Box track!). I’m constantly tickled fucking pink by these Black Time kids; they’re refusing to produce music that’s irrelevant. But, I mean, what do you expect from a band that puts Ulrike Meinhof on its flyers and writes manifestos like they’re Situationists?

 –ryan (In The Red)