BLACK TIME: Blackout: CD

Apr 05, 2006

The good news is that it sounds like a cross between the Germs, Reatards, and Jesus & Mary Chain. The bad news is that is doesn’t sound quite like that cross between the Germs, Reatards, and Jesus & Mary Chain you’ve been ever so hoping for. I thought perhaps the Kids Were Alright when i was under the impression they were singing a song that went "Masturbation at Punk Shows! Masturbation at Punk Shows!", but it turns out they were only saying "Mass Production of Corpses." Alas. BEST SONG: "First Strike" BEST SONG TITLE: "Cold Lips Taste Better" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The song title "Safe In Heaven Dead" is taken from the title of a posthumous book "written" by Jack Kerouac, which consists of the late author’s responses to interview questions, strung together in sort of a vaguely narrative way. Apparently, Kerouac had written a bunch of stuff that never saw the light of day during his lifetime, and, after he died, the Widda’ Kerouac refused to grant the interested parties the rights to publish any of it. In retaliation, or so i understand it, the Kerouac-heads who were trying unsuccessfully to get his unpublished stuff published compiled Safe In Heaven Dead, since responses to interview questions are the intellectual property of the interviewer, therefore quite outside of the realm of the Widda’ Kerouac’s control. I know, fascinating shit, isn’t it?

 –norb (In The Red)

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