BLACK TIME: Blackout: CD

Apr 05, 2006

I was sitting on the porch in San Pedro, California on Christmas day 2005. I had nothing much to do, so I decided on listening to this new Black Time CD. Eventually, Tonan came out and asked what I was listening to. I told him it was the Black Time. "I already like this," he said." "Yeah, I really like it too," I agreed. "It’s all muddy," he said picking up the CD, "Oh, it’s on In the Red." "It sort of reminds me of the Hunches, but only because it sounds filthy and creepy," I said. "It sounds like it’s got some sort of effects on the drums too." Tonan split to go do Christmas stuff, and I stayed behind listening. I decided to open a beer and then thought that Black Time are good to open a beer to not in a "blah blah blah let’s get trashed sort of way." I was thinking more along the lines of opening a beer on Christmas Day to the slow grumble of a walking bass line, sort of nice; a creepy, liquid, and silver mess, with vocals that at times sound like a mad crow cawing into the mic. If you like the Hunches, Speedball Baby, or if you’re a fan of In the Red, and muddy, crookedy rock, this could very well be your new kick.

 –guest (In the Red)

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