Jul 25, 2007

The press bio comparisons to The Raspberries, Yum Yums, Only Ones and Records are a bit of a stretch (“we sound like the Raspberries” can be faithfully translated to “we LISTEN to the Raspberries” in almost one hundred percent of known circumstances), but I guess I can’t fault the band for aiming high. They actually sound about fifty percent like one-time Gearhead label mates Red Planet, and the other fifty percent like the Minds playing Exploding Hearts songs. Rock and Pop played by Punks who own Power Pop records and a keyboard. Yeah. I don’t hear “THE HIT” here, but all ten songs are good. Have at it, and keep those cravats lean. BEST SONG: “Call Waiting” BEST SONG TITLE: “Absent Radio” FANASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: forty percent of this band has facial hair. What am I to make of this?

 –norb (Gearhead)