BLACK SUNDAY: Tronic Blanc: CD

Jun 25, 2006

Another side project of Alicja Trout, who has been involved with seemingly half of the records to come out of Memphis in the past five years. Here she’s playing almost all the instruments herself and doing a pretty damn good job. At times, it sounds kind of like the Mouserocket album and at others, it sounds like a lo-fi Lost Sounds outtake. I can’t promise it’ll blow your mind—I mean, you can pretty much just read the first sentence of the review and decide whether or not you need this—but she writes good songs and has a good voice and that’s about all you can ask for. If you’re unfamiliar with her musical efforts, a good primer is the Black Wave album that the Lost Sounds put out a couple years back and then this would be your next logical step.

 –josh (Dirtnap)