BLACK SUNDAY: Tronic Blanc: CD

Jun 27, 2007

The most difficult thing in dealing with Alicja Trout is trying to keep up with all of her musical projects, but it’s immensely fruitful. Black Sunday (basically a one-woman project recorded over a two-year span) heavily takes elements from two other bands she is/was involved in: the Lost Sounds and Mouserocket. There’s choreographed electronic symphonies, songs that sound like ‘50s standards set to new wave, sweet indie rock moments that launch into Servotron-y lo-fi blasts, and far beyond. Due to the fact that I’ve been able to track down a decent amount of what Alicja’s done (Fitts, River City Tanlines, Clears)—and pretty much like it all—she’s fallen into the rare category of a musical artist I’m willing to follow down paths I wouldn’t necessarily consider. With a little patience and repeat listens, her music has cracked some tough musical chestnuts. Tronic Blanc is no exception. Usually, folks dealing with such a broad musical palette kind of lose me, leaving me wishing that they’d stick to the one or two things they do well. Alicja Trout seems unstoppable and I hope she keeps on going in so many directions at once. She’s prolific, multi-talented, and indefatigable. Great stuff.

 –todd (Dirtnap)