Feb 15, 2007

Black Sunday is all about the crookedness of the slithering synthesizer, the wickedness of the smile that it’s all okay if you just trust her, and the sharpened musical brain, cutting like a laser. With Alicja Trout at the helm, I can’t but hold on for the ride and enjoy any musical scenery she imagines; this time into new wave, goth, art territory. (If you’re looking for more rock, hit up the equally excellent River City Tan Lines.) These are places I rarely visit on my own nowadays, but with an expert like Alicja at the helm—sorta like Mr. Wonka—these strange, foreign worlds become not only palatable but fascinating, fun, and addictive. This is suggested for brave ears and minds that don’t mind a little stretching.

 –todd (Tic Tac Totally)