BLACK ROSE BAND: Road Kill from the Lost Bayou, Boogie Woogie Wasteland: 2 x Cassette

Jan 15, 2015

King Louie Bankston of the MissingMonuments and countless other projects submits a double cassette of two projects under the Black Rose Band moniker: the first cassette consists of an as-of-yet-to-be-released full length and the second a batch of home recorded unreleased gems. The first tape,Road Kill from the Lost Bayou, is highly reminiscent of the Missing Monuments with the same type of bayou stomping swagger accented by southern rock style guitar leads. Boogie Woogie Wasteland, however, is much more up my alley with a much stronger affinity for power pop while reminding us that they are a tied and true southern band. Both sessions deserve proper vinyl treatment but gun-to-my-head-pick-a-favorite, I’d argue that BoogieWoogie Wasteland is the set of songs that would most likely turn more than a few heads even though it’s already been decided by King Louie that Road Kill… is the next slated for proper release. For fans of Gentleman Jesse, soul food, heartache, and blackout binge drinking. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Death Rattle / Sympathy For The Hardware Industry, no address listed)

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