BLACK RAINBOW: Self-titled: LP

Jan 27, 2015

You’re going to form a relationship with Black Rainbow. They designed the walls of your dream home. They’re coming over to feed the cats while you’re on vacation. They’re in your kitchen, humming as steel-cut oats warm for breakfast. Black Rainbow are the friends you trust with your house keys or that you call, even after two years of no contact, when a real problem arises. So it makes sense that Black Rainbow is the fuzzy favorite blanket at the foot of your bed. It’s extra warm, can wipe away your tears, doubles as a superhero cape, or provides your dog with a home base. If you’re familiar with Allergic To Bullshit, Miami, or Los Canadians, you’re already tight and you’ll just be accepting another friend into your circle. If not, take a chance and wrap yourself up in the warmth of Black Rainbow’s friendship. “Hold on to what’s possible.” 

 –Matt Seward (Starcleaner)

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