BLACK RAINBOW: “Pin Pricks,” “For Your Entertainment” b/w “Brownfields”: 7”EP

Nov 07, 2008

I have a feeling that I’ll follow Ivy Jean’s voice into any song. It is truly one of the greatest contemporary set of lungs around today. She sounds like she’s singing from her entire body; not only her throat. It’s just a wicked force. Couple that to a more rock’n’roll feel to Allergic To Bullshit (a band Ivy was previously (still?) in) where the songs seem to fall around you all at once, cleansing like an unexpected shower on a sunny day; Black Rainbow is melodic, driving, gutsy stuff in the East Bay punk vein. Comes with a full-on zine. Another best case scenario for DIY punk. Great.

 –todd (Thrillhouse)

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