Nov 11, 2009

Hidden Spots: So fuckin’ posi that they make 7 Seconds sound like Earth Crisis. Lyrically, their two songs are like love letters to friends and family. It’s without guile. It’s straight-forward: “I want more birthday parties and weddings / ‘cause I’m tired of funerals.” With bear-voice-sounding Eric Nelson as the throat, Buddha on guitar, and a rhythm section that sounds like a train rumblin’ down the tracks, these Chattanoogans are adding to their already impressive recorded catalog of humility, celebrations, and friendship. Black Rainbow: I’m not saying that an opera house of punk is even a good idea, but, if there ever was one and it didn’t suck, I’d elect Ivy Jeanne to sing there first. Her voice is wonderfully full, desperate, tuneful, and compassionate all at the same time; something we don’t come across all that often in these circles. New millennium EastBay punk with pop sensibilities, played with hard-to-deny conviction.

 –todd (Starcleaner)

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