BLACK PLANET: Betty No: 7” Flexi

The flexi craze is really taking off. I mean, when Pirates Press got their machine (presumably the old Eva-Tone press?) up and running, I was intrigued like everyone else. After all, it’s an affordable, interesting twist on a standard record. But I can honestly say I never expected to see so many. I suppose I simply presumed that people wouldn’t be open to paying the same price as a seven inch for one of these plastic tampons, but what do I know. Apparently, people are into them, so that’s cool. I’m still on the fence, but this here “Betty No” track by Black Planet is swaying me into the “yes” direction, since it’s a great tune. Post-punk/new wave with female vocals, done strikingly well and enjoyable enough to dig deeper and track down other releases by this band. This is a picture disc flexi as well, I should add. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Let’s Pretend)