BLACK PANDA: Shake Me: 7”

Jun 01, 2009

Right away I liked this record, although, for the life of me, I can’t really figure out why. It’s not super original, but I think I’m enamored of the singer’s voice, which, to me, is just a perfect blend of punk rock disinterest and snottiness. Quite lovely. The songs are not fast, but still pretty punk in a, hmm, I don’t know… I was going to say “in a rock’n’roll-y” way, but let’s just say “punk” and leave it at that. I like the second side the best and “Bluebird GHQ” is my fave. Also, the artwork is great—from the pictures on the actual record label itself (the middle part, where the hole is punched), to the cover and picture of the band (which is more like a weird outline of them), it’s good stuff. Would love to see them live. Very enjoyable. Go get it!

 –Jennifer Federico (Super Secret)

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