Nov 07, 2008

I saw Black Market Fetus at a hole in the wall in Eau Claire, WI, nearly ten years ago. At the time, they didn’t impress me. It’s good to see they’ve stuck around to hone their scummy Midwestern punk. Their side of the split has some righteous guitar action and multiple personality vocal work. I prefer the singer’s “I have toxic waste in my throat but I must scream” voice to his “I’m growling like my songs are about eating aborted babies” voice. Still, one compliments the other. In Defence may not have the longevity, but they’ve definitely got the energy. They’re ready to do battle to protect the good name of hardcore punk rock, but they don’t have any broken bottles or baseball bats. The only weapons they have are a sweet underground network of awesome dudes, distaste for the daily grind, and a passion for tacos. By the sound of this record, they’re confident that’s all it will take to get the job done. They might just be right.

 –mp (Scenester Credentials / Give Praise)