BLACK MARKET BABY: Coulda...Shoulda...Woulda: CD

Jul 17, 2006

Though it may seem to the contrary, Washington D.C. had many bands that weren’t part of the whole hardcore/Revolution Summer thang, which enjoys the lion’s share of popularity. One of the best non-Dischord bands was Black Market Baby, who musically stood at another end of the punk rock spectrum from their younger contemporaries, opting to crank out solid, hook-filled stompers instead of thrashing in atonal abandon, and they continued pretty much along the same path for the bulk of their existence. Collected on this CD are twenty-six career-spanning examples of some of the finest punk rock you’re ever gonna hear, from the rockin’ “Back Seat Sally” to the jaw-dropping-good “Potential Suicide,” with not a crappy tune in sight. If the extent of your D.C. punk experience is limited to Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Fugazi, then pick this up and consider yourself that much cooler.

 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)

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