BLACK MARKET BABY: Coulda… Shoulda… Woulda—The Black Market Baby Collection: CD

Jul 25, 2006

Give thanks to the gods above ye seeking great punk rock (Okay, just thank Dr. Strange when you see him in the parking lot of Ralph’s) from the late great ‘80s. Black Market Baby were a DC band of roughnecks who played hard, partied harder, and along the way wrote some great anthems of our time. After having their recorded output languishing out of print since the mid-‘90s, music fans’ prayers have been answered. Twenty-six songs of hard driving, no-holds-barred punk rock. You get classics like “America’s Youth,” “World at War,” “Strike First,” and “Nobody Wanted Us.” Taking their cue from bands like Circle Jerks, TSOL, and Gang Green, the band molded a more melodic style to their tunes, but it still has plenty of fire and brimstone in the mix. Although they sported a few different line-ups, I’m guessing the definitive line-up of the group would be Mike Dolfi on bass, Tommy Carr on drums, Keith Campbell on guitar, and of course the irreplaceable Boyd Farrell on vocals. I’m making this broad assumption based on the fact that this was the line-up that played the farewell shows at the “old” 9:30 Club in DC in 1996. If this is wrong, send hate mail to the editor at Razorcake! But seriously, how can you not like a song like “Drunk and Disorderly” that features the classic line “they wanna punk me in the butt!” But get this CD—every track is a winner. The CD was remastered by Tom Lyle and the liner notes are by the one and only John “Stabb” Schroeder (Government Issue). That’s if my word is not enough! Black Market Baby = fantastic.

 –koepenick (Dr. Strange)

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