May 05, 2011

This trio has a lot of the appealing sensibilities that the Minutemen brought to the table. The most noticeable is that most of the songs are between :45—1:45 minutes long. There is nothing funky about the band, but the chaos is similar. The lyrics and arrangements are very stream of thought and the riffs are punchy. I like this CD a lot in that there is something simple about the songwriting, but something layered in the ideas and playing. This band will ultimately suffer from the comparison; Minutemen fans are an over-thinking and contrary bunch. But I like it and I think other Minutemen fans would see the connection. Or call me an idiot for making the association. Either way, Boon/ Watt/ Hurley enthusiasts will get some sort of enjoyment from listening to this. –Billups Allen

 –Billups Allen (Jeetkune)