BLACK LIPS!: Does She Want b/w Stoned: 7"

Jun 21, 2007

With all the talk of the Black Lips! maniacal and projectile puke-filled shows and band-playful stuffed gorilla fights with the Tyrades, it’d be easy to try to cast them off as a live experience, like a skinny, poor GWAR with trigger-like gag reflexes. These two tracks from their first ever recording session in 2000 in Atlanta dispel that shit. “Does She Want” is stompy reverie, along the lines of the Porch Ghouls or Almighty Do Me A Favor, where old country meets new fire, alcohol abuse, and a shitty van idling in the background. “Stoned” follows suit. What’s satisfying is how cocksure these songs are; not relying on speed, antics, or gimmicks to give them power. Just two simple, solid, well-placed punches.

 –todd (Slovenly)