BLACK JOE LEWIS AND COOL BREEZE: Boogie, You Don't Love Me b/w I Don't Mind, Please:: 7"

Feb 15, 2006

This is straight-ahead blues, akin to what Fat Possum's been putting out. It's good. They're a talented and competent band, but I think Joe Lewis' voice is a little thin. It's ragged and weathered, which I like, but if that's the centerpiece, it's lacking because there's no boom, boom, boom or fog in it. I was hoping for a little more stank, more Gories, or more Pinetoppers (pre-solo Otis Redding) in the mix. It's standard blues, well played. Nothing for me to rag on and nothing I'm that excited about, either.

 –todd (Shake Your Ass)

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