Jul 23, 2012

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of Rob Pennington’s voice. I always kinda lumped Endpoint and By The Grace Of God in with Brother’s Keeper, Absolution, and other “weird, high voice” hardcore bands that I pretty much wrote off as “not tough enough” and likely resumed listening to Crown Of Thornz or 25 Ta Life. However, when the first Black Cross record dropped, I was somewhat compelled to check it out, being a fan of Ryan Patterson’s “heavy Wipers” style, and I was sold right from the get go. Pennington’s voice seemed more at home to me in a more brooding, Sage-inspired setting. Black God certainly picks up where Black Cross left off, and it’s quite safe to say that if you dug the first incarnation, you’ll dig this one as well. With more of a nod to the Dischord bands of the ‘90s than Black Cross, Black God is elaborating on its predecessor’s sound in a great way, and II is an even better record than the terrific debut EP. Awesome.

 –Dave William (No Idea,