BLACK FURIES: Meanwhile, Back in the States: CD

Jun 27, 2007

Black Furies wound up parking their car somewhere between Lazy Cowgirls Avenue and Hellacopters Way. Problem is, their ride’s a Honda Accord. I mean, it’ll get you there but it’s not exactly decked out, you know? There’s just a little something missing here. Granted, these guys absolutely know what they’re doing; this stuff is proficient and catchy beer-and-stilettos garage punk interspersed with the odd dancehall number, and an instrumental or two that verges on spaghetti western shit. At their best, they’re channeling early Supersuckers records, which ain’t a bad road to head down at all. But when this thing clocks in at eight songs long, with two or three of those songs markedly diverging from what they’re so obviously good at, Meanwhile... is lacking that consistent and wonderfully damaging sort of swagger and snarl that they’re gonna need to really stand up above the plethora of bands playing the same type of stuff.

 –keith (Take Root)