BLACK FORK: The First Fork Years: LP

Dec 22, 2009

No idea how I missed these guys when they were around and I was living up there. There, being the Bay Area. Friends and acquaintances would talk Black Fork up, and make it sound like some huge event. They’d often ask me about why I wasn’t at the show, and I didn’t even know about the show until well after the fact. What’s a person to do? Well, it’s been a good, long time since those days. Longer than I sometimes realize. But life and time have that way of moving fast, and when you get hep to that, it goes even faster. S’anyways, Mess Me Up has taken it upon themselves to release all of Black Fork’s EPs, demo, comp, and split material onto one twelve inch piece of blue vinyl. A good twenty-three songs that embody the EastBay punk sound. Sort of sounds like the spawn from the union of Blatz and Filth on that split they did nearly twenty years ago on Lookout. Snotty, ugly, belligerent, discordant, and somehow catchy. One listen of the rager, “Don’t Talk to Me” will have you hooked. It has all the elements of a classic punk song. Catchier than the swine flu, and lots of pure ‘tude.

 –M.Avrg (Mess Me Up)