BLACK FEET: Back on This Road: 7” EP

Nov 20, 2012

A quintet of poppy-wavy-garagey Swedes with an all-boy rhythm section, a pair of female vocalists/guitarists, and a girl synth player to keep the damn rhythm section in their place. The two-girl vocal interplay adds a certain tuneful semi-gloss to the front end, the synth adds a precious whiff of space-age darkness, and the rhythm section just shuts the fuck up and does what they’re told. “Back On This Road” is a pretty darn good song, and “Show Me” ain’t half bad, either. The B-side, “Deny,” veers into 6/8 time and sounds more like something from the butt-end of some 1980 pseudo “new wave” album like Sue Saad & The Next or someone, thus excites me proportionately less. Definitely a keeper, although I’m not nuts about the band’s moniker, which reminds me of Sevrin’s acid-burned foot at the end of the “The Way To Eden” episode of Star Trek. BEST SONG: “Back On This Road” BEST SONG TITLE: “Deny,” if you’re The Clash FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: At sixty characters long, this is the longest digital download link with which i’ve ever been provided.

 –norb (Hard-On)

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