BLACK CROSS: Louisville, KY: CD

This is a band from Louisville, Kentucky. You can definitely hear the redneck in this album—I should know; I’m from Florida. I say that because of style, not lyrics. The lyrics are actually a decent read, but not too profound. It’s a bit bro-dude for my stylings, but I like the parts of the songs with punk influences. With different vocals to the music, it could be really fun, but I don’t think that’s what they’re going for. So if you’re into stuff a little bit more on the hardcore side, you would probably be into this, although I have a hard time imagining recommending this album to one of my friends. It’s just not that catchy. At least not catchy enough for me to say, “Holy crap, you got to listen to this!” –Corinne

 –guest (Auxiliary)