BLACK COUGAR SHOCK UNIT: Hello Black Cougar Shock Unit: CDEP

Jun 25, 2006

I get the feeling this came out in kind of a hurry. Four originals (one not listed) and three covers, with pretty minimal artwork and absolutely no information save for a lyric sheet. I have no idea where this band is from or what kind of scene they're in. I'm totally in the dark. Having said that, this is pretty good. It's riffy, heavy rock that sounds like it's being made by ex-straightedge kids. Seriously, that's what it sounds like to me. Or kinda like the JJ Paradise Player's Club. The lyrics are real pissed off (in two of the songs, the words "go fuck yourself" appear several times) and the artwork is just altered Sanrio characters that must be one of the band's inside jokes or something. I didn't like the slower-and-wimpier cover of Devo's “Freedom of Choice” but I really liked the cover of Steve Martin's “King Tut.” Hey guys, on the next record just put a little bit of information, okay? Postscript: A few days after I wrote this review, I got an email from my old buddy Mick. He told me he'd moved to Atlanta and joined a band with some ex-Panthro UK United 13 dudes called Black Cougar Shock Unit. Oh.

 –ben (Newest Industry)

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