BLACK CAT MUSIC: Hands in the Estuary, Torso in the Lake: CD

Aug 06, 2009

Pull the curtains to shut out the sunlight, enter Black Cat Music. This band is the sound of chains swinging in a basement. Like the Murder City Devils, their souls are steeped in a dark and sinister underworld. Their music shares elements of that Seattle band, too, although it is a little more methodical and dynamically sparse. Their sound is an odd one. At times, when within one song they veer close to territory of Led Zepplin, old Nation of Ulysses, and goth at the same time. The singing is somewhat atonal and grating, but only becomes unbearable when the tempo of the songs slow way down. It is an interesting record and but hard to recommended except to those attracted to the darker side of things. –Nathan Grumdahl

 –guest (Lookout!)

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