BLACK BREATH: Slaves to Death: CD/ 2 x LP

Seattle’s Black Breath is back with their third full-length. The band is still heavy and fierce but Slaves to Death seems to be their most metal release yet. It’s eight songs and forty-nine minutes of part Entombed, part Master of Puppets-era Metallica. The vocals are less screaming and more sick growling, which matches the music really well, yet the songs are still capable of hooks (“Seed of Cain” is a good example). The most impressive thing is the production quality. That’s not to say it’s been poor before, but everything sounds so crisp and spot-on. It’s all thanks to Converge’s Kurt Ballou, who nails it here. The sound on Slaves to Death is so different from previous Black Breath albums that’s it’s almost hard to compare their releases, but this is definitely a worthwhile album for those who miss old-school Metallica and Entombed in their glory days.

 –kurt (Southern Lord,