Nov 16, 2015

Originally released on Chainsaw and Reservoir Records in 1999. I remember when these guys were around and how much I liked their demo. Black Army Jacket are a mix of hardcore punk, grindcore, and powerviolence. There are twenty-eight songs of speed and spastic fury, so some tend to blur and disappear, but then some stand out. Songs like “Empire of Tears” that slow things down to a mid-tempo lurk provide a little more texture to the sound. The manic “I Object,” recalls Septic Death in the vocal department and the riff is catchy as hell. If you are a fan of Capitalist Casualties, Brutal Truth, or Discordance Axis (who shared the drummer with Black Army Jacket), then you will want to check these guys out. Listen to how fast Dave Witte drums. It’s insane! This edition comes with a poster of the cover art, a patch, lyric sheet, and download card. Nicer than the original, if you can believe it.

 –M.Avrg (Brainscan,