BITS OF SHIT: Self-titled: 7”

Bits Of Shit is a band that knows exactly what it wants to be. These Aussies stand proud in their denim, and not in a tongue-in-cheek, Turbonegro way. No bullshit, straight-forward riffery, pounding drums, and threatening, propulsive bass. New heralds of the post-apocalypse? If you’ve seen B.O.S live, you know what I mean. I bought this record a few months ago but it got lost in the mix. I bought like a dozen 7”s at once and a few unfortunately got buried. I slept on the Cut Sleeves LP last year, even after seeing them live. I’m remembering that my local record store had the LP in stock at one time, so I think I’ll take a time-out to go buy it and listen to it, if it’s still available. Okay, now I’m back with the album, and after one listen, I’m better for it. Back to the 7”! Everyone needs to own a record with a song called “Meat Thump.” Even after a half-dozen listens, I can hardly understand the words but I’m going to say it’s about jacking off. These two songs are as fully realized as the album. A good fit on the Total Punk label. B.O.S would probably go well on a bill with The Wretched Ones.

 –Sal Lucci (Total Punk)