BITS OF SHIT: “Meat Thump” b/w “W.W.Me”: 7”

Sep 18, 2013

Degenerate, sleeveless, tooth decay, strangulated surfing music at the worst beach possible. Cigarette butt sand. Kids puking on seagulls. Adults puking on each other. The seagulls are smoking. Green foam washes in on the waves. The ocean is a massive toilet—spent condoms and dirty needles lap up on shore. Is that someone burning a dog carcass? Is it old tires? Scalding hot beer. Chewed bubblegum-looking bodies. This is the landscape that Australia’s Bits Of Shit paint for me, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly (along with their debut full length, Cut Sleeves.) They make the Cosmic Psychos sound like the My Little Pony soundtrack. (I kid.) If you need a genre to stick inside a pigeon’s hole to get your bearings, think blown-up garage punk, post apocalypse.

 –todd (Total Punk)