BITCHIN': The Night Life, the Tight Style: CD

Jul 23, 2009

I was looking forward to this album so much and it rose to heavy rotation in my record collection so quickly and it just fit into my life so well that I forgot that I was supposed to review it. So here’s the review, a few months late. Bitchin’ in some senses fit well into the sound that so many Gainesville bands have. They have that Hot Water Music/Leatherface ability to build and release tension and add complexity to a song by staggering the tempo and letting the songs breath between vocals. But Bitchin’ songs also have a nice catchiness that a lot of their Gainesville counterparts lack. When you couple that catchiness with Bitchin’s rich and confident vocals, you have something special here. I’ve listened to their two seven inches dozens of times, and I wondered if they’d be able to translate that power and excitement into a full-length, and The Night Life, the Tight Style put my anxieties to rest. This is one of my top albums of the year.

 –sean (No Idea)

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