BITCHIN’/ ONION FLAVORED RINGS: Yeehaw Junction: Split 7”

Mar 15, 2008

I admire Bitchin’s defiance and quest for understanding – strident female voices, roughed-up instruments, and fists up in the air in the name of community. Their three songs are straight shots, covering long bike rides and hard battles still being fought. They also seem to be recorded rougher and tumblier than their full length. The jaggedness suits them well. Onion Flavored Rings are extremely poppy and sweet, but not saccharine. That’s a tough line to balance. They seem to pull from the same jug of lyrical spirits as This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, while sounding nothing like them. The songs are about depression, being unattractive, and going to a shitty job for a shitty wage. That gives the enterprise weight, but there’s a lot of jangle and peppiness in the beats, which make you think you’re hearing songs about sunshine instead of cancer. Comes in way-cool silkscreen cartoon cover. 

 –todd (No Idea)