BITCH MAGNET: Discography: 3 x CD

Nov 20, 2012

Another short-lived band with a long-felt influence, Bitch Magnet formed in the late ‘80s and released two LPs and an EP before parting ways in 1990. Its members went on to form Seam, Squirrel Bait, and to play in an array of other bands. Temporary Residence Ltd., has collected the band’s entire recorded history into a triple gatefold, triple CD set remastered for this release. Included here are the band’s three official releases, plus a number of rare and previously unreleased alternate versions. Musically, Bitch Magnet sound to me like the lost blueprints to much of the ‘90s rock that took both the underground and the mainstream by storm in that decade. They have rawness and grit—calling to mind noise rock and grunge—while also having a melodic, emotive quality that surely helped shape what became ‘90s emo. The tracks from their Star Booty 12”EP and the handful of alternate versions collected together on disc three of this set were my favorite tracks, but I found this entire discography to be totally enjoyable even after numerous listens. Bitch Magnet probably influenced every band you like, so do yourself a favor and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Temporary Residence, [email protected])

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