Jul 22, 2008

I don’t quite know what to make of it. Intro track sounds like traditional Japanese music from centuries ago or for a soundtrack for a period movie. Track two starts off with a bass guitar playing traditional music once again, and then momentum moves forward with additional Japanese-sounding instruments adding to the mix. Five minutes down the line and the mood changes. The guitars and drumming come in and the essence of doom is unleashed. Repetitive rhythms and what sounds like people banging on metal creates a sound of mayhem. Not sure what the lyrics might be conveying, but there is a sense of despair and pain. A hair over twenty minutes, and I feel like I went through a mediaeval battle scene. Track three, the final track, which clocks in over seventeen minutes, closes this aural experiment with a doom/sludge track that has more metal elements and can be compared to a faster version of the band Corrupted. If you want to push your musical boundaries and appreciate bands from Japan, this release should meet the challenge.

 –don (Level Plane)